Compensation Plan

Bringing Hope for a Better Future

At Stemtech, we do not sell our products in stores. Instead, we pay Independent Business Partners —people just like you— to help share our products and income opportunity with others. Our global Business Partner team includes people from all walks of life: students, doctors, retirees, and at-home parents alike enjoy the benefits of the Stemtech opportunity.


Rewarding You for Developing New Business

A one-time TeamBuilder Bonus is available each time you enroll a new Business Partner who purchases a TeamBuilder Pack. This program pays generous upfront Enroller, TeamBuilder, Turbo TeamBuilder and 50% Matching bonuses when you are enrolling, training, and helping others succeed.

TeamBuilder bonuses are paid weekly providing you elect direct deposit through StemPay E-Wallet, which can be set up in your personal website Back Office. Qualification requirement: Purchase a TeamBuilder Pack and have a minimum of 50 AutoShip PPV (minimum of one bottle) to remain active and qualify for TeamBuilder Bonuses (Personal VIP Customer AutoShips count towards this qualifier).


Most popular way to become a TeamBuilder!

This pack has great value and great bonus potential.

TeamBuilder Bonus Payouts:

Up to 180€ in TeamBuilder bonuses are paid out with each TeamBuilder Pack sale.

  • 45€ to qualified Enroller
  • 72€ TeamBuilder bonus to qualified Business Partners or
  • 90€ to qualified Turbo TeamBuilder bonus
  • 36€/45€ to qualified 50% Matching bonus
  • If the Enroller also earns the TeamBuilder Bonus, the Enroller receives 45€ Enroller Bonus and the 72€/90€ TeamBuilder for a total of 117€/135€

Prosperity Bonus Plan

Rewarding You for Residual Business

The Prosperity Bonus Plan pays out 7% - 10% on ALL Business Partners’ monthly orders up to seven levels deep, PLUS 1-2-3% Infinity Bonus if qualified (excluding enrollment orders, VIP Customer orders, paid separately).

The number of "levels" of IBP order volume on which you earn commission each month is determined by:

  • 1.   PPV (Personal Point Value): The PV from your personal orders and the AutoShip orders of your VIP Customers.
  • 2.   Personally Enrolled IBPs: The number of IBPs with at least 50 PPV each month, that you have personally enrolled.
  • 3.   OGV (Organizational Group Volume): PPV & the PPV of all IBPs PV in your downline organization.